‘Study in Silver’ happened by chance through exploration of materials that prompted an investigation into the use of the work as a tool to manipulate the ethereal effects of light. My use of reflective silver spray paint enables the work to create mirrored realities which can’t be captured or enclosed; the world is refracted and ultimately warped into a non-reality, a non-space. The viewer’s interaction and movement around the work is fundamental in experiencing how the work can shift and refract.

Zoe Toakley

  • Zoe Toakley is a Sydney based multi-disciplinary artist, who completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in painting at the National Art School in 2019. Her work is an investigation into the effects of light through a material driven practice, working with materials that hold reflective, refractive or light absorbing qualities. She is interested in making works that are completely concerned with perception and experience that is shaped or altered through the use of these different materials, creating temporal, non-physical dimensions.

  • Instagram: @__zoetoakley