Beholding Future Purity (2021)

Glazed ceramic and mirror

22cm x 27cm


Beholding Future Purity is a tangible exploration of the divinity of companionship. Showing silhouettes of a pair, aiming to pictorially show the sacred aural energy of partnership and, in the same hand, friendship. A piece of fragmented mirror is placed at the bottom of the work, allowing you to see yourself and what you perhaps reflect back onto someone important. 

Zane Edwards

  • Zane Edwards is an emerging artist working on Gadigal Land, completing his study at the National Art School. While practising in the discipline of ceramics, Edwards aims to explore the ritualistic nature of ‘body’, divine psyche and the forever moving. Through forms of text, pictorial signs and semiotic ciphers, Edwards aims to use these historical and cultural symbols to explore the impermanent and the everlasting. Exercising the inquisition of the Ether, and how it is present in the mortality of subjects regarding friendship, ritual, gratitude and spirit. Edwards' fondness of multi-disciplinary work allows himself to express these ideas to viewers in innocence, allowing them access into an unseen of their own.

  • Instagram: @sinaischild