Peephole (side a) from the series Buff Pink (2016)

Pigment print

75cm x 110cm


Excretions lie upon each surface of the men's public toilet. A flurry of barely visible imprints cascade across stall walls, unobtrusive remnants of the sex which is practised there on a constant basis, though under a veil of meticulously choreographed cues.


A hole in the stall incites responses of several kinds. It goes unnoticed by few, marks a moment of anxiety for some and aids as an avenue to pleasure for others. For those who choose to engage, the stall wall is at once a limitation and a tool to intimacy. The voyeur peers through, and whilst engaging with the hole, impresses upon the stall their sebum. Though marked as the stall may be, these imprints are invisible until sought after. When set upon by fingerprint powder, these latent prints are revealed and can be lifted.

Yiorgo Yiannopoulos

  • Yiorgo Yiannopoulos is an artist living and working on Gadigal Land whose work is devoted to the systems through which people meet each other. Yiorgo's work speaks to the ways we negotiate our desires, revealing both the pragmatism and the meticulously choreographed seduction at play. Yiorgo is focused on spaces which allow for people to fulfill their desires and find intimacy in covert ways which often defy convention. Their research into queer sexual geography takes a multifaceted approach, contrasting empirical practices with deeply personal methodologies.

    Yiorgo has presented work in solo and group exhibitions locally and interstate at Artereal Gallery, Firstdraft, SEVENTH Gallery and Verge Gallery. Yiorgo is currently a director of Airspace Projects.