ghetto and matilda jump into a pool (2021)

Oil on copper plate

61cm x 48.5cm


The other day, tilly was telling me about a dream she had where her and ghetto dived into a pool together. They swam deep under the surface and did a somersault in the water. 


Kind of like that time that ben and i went swimming at a pool in st peters and the pool was green and mouldy. I had my period that day, and I strategically kept my legs together so that you wouldn’t see the red patch on my underwear.


Or, like the time we went with your friend alex and we walked around the gardens at night with his small dog, who was wearing a little orange coat, maybe so that he would be seen by oncoming traffic.


I thought it was really funny when you said that the ladies bath’s were disgusting, and that people only go there because they think it is a thing to do.


Sometimes, it is difficult to remember if something happened in real life or if it happened in a dream. I used to think that this was a desirable state of being, but i’ve now realised that it is only inconvenient.


I like the idea of dreams and reality being parallel to each other, and of one existing because of the other.

Viola Nazario

  • Viola Nazario is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney working in the fields of painting, drawing and photography. Her work is confessional in nature and typically explores themes relating to the inversion of public and private. Currently, her practice centres on the exploration of the dreamscape and the representation of the inner world through repeating symbols, motifs and spaces.

  • Instagram: @violanazario