Stuck 3, Stuck 5 (2020)

Coloured pencil on paper

21cm x 42cm


Stuart Bailey’s works are small, quiet, re-drawings of political posters from the past and present. They dwell on a kind of exhaustion around the role of left-wing political activism, assuming a position akin to the nagging conscience of the neo-liberal economic drive, as opposed to leading.

Stuart Bailey

  • Stuart Bailey works across media including drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and installation. He engages with a kind of disconnection between political awareness and actions. Employing emotional reactions to found political information, his response was more idiosyncratic than activist. Stuart studied Printmedia at Canberra School of Art, Australian National University and Kyoto Seika University, Japan. He has worked nationally and internationally as an artist and curator and in 2005 held the Australia Council Studio Residency in Los Angeles. He currently lectures full-time at Sydney College of the Arts.

  • Instagram: @stubailout