Gait Keeper Go Pang (2021)

Oil in canvas

50cm x 50cm


Finally giving in to tendency, a runaway stops to identify with the forecast.


An excerpt from the upcoming play ‘Paranoia? I Hardly Know-Ah!’, soon-to-be masquerading as a painting show under the alternate title Chimeras Flush, from June 4th at Verge Gallery, Sydney.

Neil Beedie

  • Neil Beedie is an emerging artist making plays on the ‘immutable’ past. Moving between painting, writing and performance, he looks at the potential for the inchoate and fragmentary debris of history to revel in the imaginary and reveal alternatives. As an usher in a kind of theatre of reminiscence, Beedie convenes mediations between image and guise to (en)counter and court trysts between the speculative, the haunted, myth and the omitted.

    He has shown in Australia and New Zealand, most recently presenting his first solo exhibition Sheer Cameo at KNULP, Sydney, and has performed in club spaces, collaborative large-scale projects, video works and the (now defunct) band Porcelain. His forthcoming solo show Chimeras Flush will open June 2021 at Verge Gallery, Sydney.

  • Instagram: @neiladbd