Analogue (2021)

Pigment ink, gel medium, and paper on canvas

83cm x 118cm


I like using found material happened upon by chance (in this instance some plastic sheeting from a construction site) to imply an equivalence between the cast offs of the city and objects for aesthetic contemplation. In pointing to this latent perceptual potential within the overlooked, I hope to encourage an appreciation for the casual beauty that can be found wherever you look.

Mungo Howard

  • Mungo Howard is a current Masters of Fine Arts (Painting) student at the National Art School. His practice stems from an engagement with found objects and detritus as they are encountered in the everyday environment and teases out their latent painterly qualities through various mediated processes such as photographic transfer and low relief casting. He was awarded the 2019 Mark Henry Cain Memorial Travel Scholarship to the U.K. at the end of his Bachelor's degree, and had a solo exhibition at Robin Gibson Gallery in 2020.

  • Instagram: @mungo_howard