Self portrait with Steph on a green bed (2020)

Acrylic on board

80cm x 60cm


Self portrait with Steph on a green bed is part of my diner series. I imagined the room being a guest room at a diner hostel.  Although painted from my imagination, it captures a very real recurring moment in my life where I find myself hanging out on my bed in flares with my longtime best friend.

Maya Barnstone

  • Born in Washington state, I spent the first 14 years of my life in the US, staying with family in Greece three months out of every year. I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from America and my summers in Greece. My yiayia, who’s 97 years old, has painted her entire life and paints with me when I visit. I moved to Australia at 14 and attended Newtown high school of the performing arts for dance and drama but in year 10 discovered art. I graduated high school in 2016 then went straight into my bachelors degree of fine arts at national art school majoring in painting. I’m now almost two years out of school and painting everyday, still looking forward to the day I can go to Greece again to paint with my yiayia.

  • Instagram: @mayaspaintings