• Future face (2021)

    Inkjet print on rag, unglazed earthenware, copper wire

    36.5cm x 45.5cm


    Future Face posits the concept of nostalgia as augmented and surreal. The work plays with this perspective by layering material on material; nostalgia is created through both a future thought and a longing for the past. As the surface enters this dance, these two perspectives begin to blend. What was seen in the past as sorrow can be re-imagined as physical reminder. Nostalgia is deeper than our conscious thoughts, it bleeds into reality as a physical longing, while simultaneously flirting with the unconscious mind. Future Face blends the unconscious with the physical, nostalgia is re-imagined as augmented perspectives and surreal scenes.

    Mark Mailler

    • Mark Mailler is an artist working on Gadigal land, offering an emotions based practice that sits between the ideas of utility and poetics. Excavating visual and cultural residue from on and offline platforms his work addresses personal and universal perspectives. on human behaviour, experience and ancestry.

    • Instagram: @fluff_mailler