Kimian Kid (2021)

70cm x 69.5cm


I like to paint the ordinary everyday scenes, the ones we sometimes take for granted. Mostly these are reflections on growing up in coastal suburban Australia.


I use pink, gold and Australian sky blue to portray the scenes in a way that makes them appear like they’re already a memory. 


In this work, I have painted a friend’s little sister, who is showing off her boxing skills in the front yard of her home.

Lili Montefiore

  • I grew up in Wangi Wangi, on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Macquarie, NSW. My early life was insular and magical. I was brought up in a large creative family and attended a Steiner School. Creating art has always been a safe space for me. 

    ​ My approach towards making has morphed into a tool for social commentary and self evolution. After completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts at National Art School, I began studying a Masters of Art Therapy to combine my interests in psychology and passion for creativity and connection.

    I describe my work as a somewhat tacky aesthetic whilst exploring different concepts of social issues, psychology, as well as celebrating the “ordinary” moments in life.

  • Instagram: @lil.montefiore