Hang In There

Resin, inkjet print, sticky notes, bulldog clip

42cm x 38cm


It must be very laboursome to be this cat hanging by its paws.

Work can also make us feel as if we’re hanging, suspended in time and space, indefinitely precarious. Meanwhile we’re told to ‘hang in there, Baby’, to keep on keeping on, to hustle harder, to rise and grind until it's all dust. 

When I think about this image, I think about how fatigue has become central to the way we conceive of our relationship with work, of fatigue as the baseline.

I’m inspired by the writing of Tom Melick who, instead of diagnosing this fatigue as a disorder or an ailment to be cured, suggests we reclaim our fatigue as a something that is neither work nor leisure but a moment of awareness, an opportunity to slow down, to acknowledge our limitations and to re-align ourselves with shared histories and presents of other fatigued bodies.

Liam Taylor

  • Liam Taylor is an artist living and working on the Dharawhal and Gadigal lands of the Eora nation. Liam has spent a lot of time looking and lurking online in the hope that he might catch a passing glimpse at our contemporary moment. Influenced by this experience of online social relations, he explores how common understandings of authorship, meaning and identity have been renegotiated through these digital networks, with the intention of bringing an awareness to how we're directed and managed through these platforms.

  • Instagram: @skinny.tony