Apsley Falls / Dhangatti Country (2021)

Acrylic on board

92cm x 120cm


The town of Walcha in the New England region of NSW - known to the local indigenous people as Dhangatti Country had special significance to me when I was healing from a difficult and emotional time in my life. I enjoyed going to Apsley Falls on my weekends after work to draw. 


Apsley Falls is a beautiful and eerie landmark with a dark colonial past. I’m attempting to depict how dramatic the sheer drop of the waterfall is and to represent its gravitas through loose and intuitive mark making. Water is a continued theme and focus in my work, as is an interest in duality, contrast and the flatness of the picture plane.

Lauren O'Connor

  • Lauren O’Connor is a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School majoring in painting. She has been a part of many shows around Sydney in artist run spaces and currently works from her studio in Marrickville. Before moving to a career in the arts she worked as extensively in radio and television as a reporter. Her painting practise explores duality - two halves of a whole, parallels and oppositions, through the process of layering she creates a rich field of colour to represent the Australian landscape to its most essential elements. Her practice mainly references her experiences in nature and her unique perspective as a queer, regional woman. Recently she has been working on the South Coast of NSW where she grew up - teaching drawing and painting to preschool children, as part of a Federal Government bushfire arts/therapy grant.

  • Instagram: @is_was_loz