Lisa Upside Down (2021)

Oil on board

43cm x 85cm


Resting somewhere in-between representation and abstraction, my paintings aim to evoke a sense of space rather than to render an accurate copy of one. Every painting begins as a cluster of spontaneously composed snippets of reality, often fragments of places visited in the past. The laborious process of adding paint, scraping and carving results in a sensuous surface, rich in texture, pattern and layers and becomes a metaphor of how a place can be filled with emotions, memories and history.

Joanna Gambotto

  • Joanna Gambotto is a Sydney-based artist whose abstraction of everyday familiarities evokes memories of the home with playfulness and vibrancy. Encapsulating the fine line between reality and fantasy, Gambotto’s series of vividly layered painted works contain various fragmented elements of places visited.

    Joanna studied at the National Art School and has been a finalist in numerous art prizes, including the Dobell Drawing Prize, Calleen Art Award, JADA and Mosman Art Prize.

    She is the winner of Hornsby Art Prize, Northbridge Art Prize and most recently the Dobell Drawing Prize People’s Choice.

  • Instagram: @joannagambotto