A Gulp from our Throat (2021)

Graphite on paper in oak frame

34.5cm x 40.5cm


As gargoyles sit atop our buildings an audible bubbling of water can be heard running down their gullets. Carved to direct the flow of water from the building they each sit upon, moving a flow of rain from the roof, past the windows, doors and balconies, directing it along the crevices. There they sit moving bodies of water, swallowed and spat out. Apotropaic creatures watch over us, forgotten now in a buildings shadow, a quiet trickling coming from their open mouths, ‘A Gulp from our Throat’ is no more than a reminder to look up.

Francesca Zak

  • Francesca Zak is an artist working on Gadigal land. She uses methods of printmaking, sculpture and drawing to find connections between ideas of memory, storytelling and disused archives. At the moment she is interested in modern mythology and thoughts of desire and longing.

  • Instagram: @francesca.zak