Doily on fire (2021)

Acrylic and polymer clay

21cm x 28cm x 6cm


CONTENT WARNING: sexual assault and rape


This work was inspired by the artist’s personal and periforal experience with sexual assault and rape perpetrated by cis-men.


Due to the patriarchal nature of our colonial society it is typical for the onus of responsibility to unfairly fall on the victim of sexual assault; "what were they wearing?, what did they do to influence such behaviour?"


As this a completely unfounded and unintelligible reaction to sexual assault, the artist has turned the lens back on the perpetrator. Using a slightly altered version of a bible quote "if his eyes cause him to sin, gauge them out", it encourages the perpetrator of harm to take full responsibility for their actions and leave the victim blameless. As the bible is sometimes sited by some as reasons for holding misogynist beliefs, the artist has used the same reasoning but has used the bible verse to back up their own intersectional feminist beliefs.

Florentina Pergoleto

  • Florentina is a Sydney based artist and graduate from the National Art School. Aesthetically playful and colourful, their artworks ideologically focus on topics such as body positivity, sex positivity and other current social narratives. Currently Florentina's work is predominantly ceramic focused, but they also engage in performance art, painting and other mediums. Usually comical or endearing at surface value, upon reflection their work touches on various contemporary philosophies. They are extremely excited and grateful to be a part of the I Came To See exhibition!

  • Instagram: @wannabecrab