• Vexare / Ignis Fatuus (2020)

    Mixed media on silkscreen mesh

    37cm x 47cm


    The translucent screen aims to challenge the divide between the world the mind posits and

    the world that is really there. The works have a porous quality, the transparency of the

    material placing the imagined space into reality.

    Eloise Morton

    • Eloise Morton was born in Sydney, Australia in 1997. She is a multidisciplinary artist working across various forms of material and medium, including screen-printing, photography, painting, drawing and instillation, painting on translucent screens, using light and mixed media to create a temporary perception field subverting the pictorial rules of frontality.

      Eloise is currently completing her Master of Fine Art at the National Art School in Sydney,Australia.

    • Instagram: @eloisemorton