Space Cabbage (2021)


50cm x 50cm x 6cm


‘Space Cabbage’, cosmically reimagines British vegetable ceramic tradition. This extraterrestrial object pays homage to the craft of kitsch. The artist has enthusiastically collaborated with a cabbage from ALDI, firing the imprints of its skin onto the porcelain surface, to celebrate its sustenance in vitrified form. Each leaf has been delicately constructed in deep listening to the cracks, slips, flops or tiredness of material. Through the four elements of fire, water, mud and air, ‘Space Cabbage’ looks to the past to travel back to the future.

Claire de Carteret

  • Claire de Carteret is an emerging artist who studies and works on Gadigal land. Her practice intertwines ceramic & painting disciplines, insisting to push at the borders of fine art, design and craft. Often prioritising the material processes, she approaches art-making like alchemy, transforming and always complicit with materials, be it; oil, clay, pigment, fire, or oxide. Claire imagines her work in relation to others and believes no piece is isolated from, or independent of the labor of another, whether it be the canvas and paint manufacturer, the technician or the kiln firing ... everything is dependent, relational and supported by another. In 2018 she completed one year of studies in Object Design at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. In 2021, de Carteret will graduate with a dual Bachelor of Fine Arts & Arts from the University of New South Wales.

  • Instagram: @______coy