seated protest (2020)

Fabric and thread

100cm x 100cm x 7cm


An instinctually and memory-based person who is compelled to document the fleeting made-up fantasies and realities that the mind creates experienced through our day -no matter how minor it is.

Chelsea Fuentes

  • Chelsea Fuentes is an Australian Artist who has recently graduated from The National Art School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2020. Her art practice consists of primarily multiple different processes such as drawing, painting, video, and textiles. Her practice is decided ultimately by emotive, personal and familiar perspectives like the likes of ordinary life, beliefs and environment -often working instinctually, and dependent on her environment in which she practices. Chelsea has just stepped out recently from a Sydney exhibition called ‘Emergent’ in  2021, will be exhibiting at the aMBUSH gallery in June and is currently working on the ways of working on further exhibitions down the track.

  • Instagram: @chelse.tes