Undercurrent (2021)

Oil on canvas

90cm x 90cm


Undercurrent takes its reference from concepts of language, ecology and embodiment. Drawing from personal experiences of convalescence, the interrelation of the moving body and the undercurrent embedded within the nature of the paintings frames a world for infinite re-incarnation. Existing as a still point and yet similarly a rejection of stasis, the paintings as floating, performer, collectively acknowledges my unfixed perspective, and ultimately approaches an ecology of movement as a process for healing.

Caoife Power

  • Caoife Power’s painting and writing practice is driven by language, convalescence, colour and poetry; unpacking multi-sensory perceptions of our environment that speaks to the tensions in contemporary life, and the interrelation between her body and the outside world. Caoife is currently a gallery educator with the National Gallery of Victoria and is also working on a podcast series with Bus Projects titled Out of Bounds. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from RMIT and Fine Arts/ Arts (Creative Writing) at UNSW. She has exhibited interstate across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. She was a finalist in the Kudos emerging artist award (2016, 2017) and the Yen Female Art award (2016) and currently a featured artist as part of Melbourne City’s Midsumma Festival.

  • Instagram: @caoifepower