Bryan Foong


Bryan Foong (he/him) is an artist of Chinese-Malaysian heritage currently living and working on unceded Ngunnawal and Ngambri Country. His queer practice brings together painting and writing as installations to examine body, biology and desire. Foong’s interest lies in situations where these subjects come into conflict with the processes of territorialisation and colonisation within contemporary biopolitics. In his installations, auto-fictional narratives – lifting tropes from science, psychoanalysis and other textual-mythic-cultural encounters – serve as allegories informing haptically sensitive paintings, potentially materialising an affectively heightened and spatialised account of the body turning against its somatic governance. Foong is a graduate from the ANU School of Art and Design (BVA Honours, Painting) with a background in biology and clinical medicine, and continues to work in the health sector. Recent solo exhibitions include Tributary Projects (Kamberi/ACT) and ANCA Gallery (Kamberi/ACT). His work has been included in curated projects at a range of public galleries and ARIs, including Drill Hall Gallery (Kamberi/ACT), ANU (Kamberi/ACT), Tributary Projects (Kamberi/ACT), SNO (Bulanaming/Sydney), China Academy of Art (Hangzhou) and Blindside Gallery (Naarm/Melbourne, forthcoming). Foong’s work is held in private and public collections, including the Australian National University Art Collection.


Ella Noah Bancroft


Ella Noah Bancroft is an Artist, Yoga teacher, connection coach and an environmental and Indigenous rights activist. Ella is the daughter of a famous Aboriginal artist, and was raised on country in New South Wales after relocating from Sydney. Ella weaves together Indigenous philosophy with her passion for women’s rights into her artwork. Ella’s artwork is reflective of her perspective navigating the world as a queer black woman and how it has shaped her philosophy and approach to life today. Ella is passionate about sustainability and has created a fashion label, YHI Creations, that reflects her values. 


Flin Sharp


Flin Sharp is an artist whose practice is informed by the chronicle of painting throughout its modernity. Interested in the platitudes and complex references that are laden within the poses of image making, his works function as an lyrical study into painting’s contemporary relevance and trajectory within a political and speculative climate. Employing a multiplicity of styles and references which engage with ideas and tones of sincerity and apathy, Sharp’s work acts as a vehicle by which the practice of painting can continue to be scrutinised. Flin Sharp completed an MFA at Sydney’s National Art School in 2018 and exhibited frequently since 2016 in group, solo and two-person shows at Knulp, Ankles, Stacks Projects and Alaska Projects. 


Francesca Zak


Francesca Zak is an artist working on Gadigal land. She uses methods of printmaking, sculpture and drawing to find connections between ideas of memory, storytelling and disused archives. At the moment she is interested in modern mythology and thoughts of desire and longing.


James P. Simon


James P. Simon belongs to the Wiradjuri - Biripi people. James was born in Wellington, near Dubbo NSW and grew up around Newtown and Redfern in Sydney, where he has seen many changes over the last fifty years. James has painted all this life. In 1987 he was awarded a grant from the Aboriginal Arts Council to support his art. Although he completed a six-month art course, James is largely a self-taught artist who has continued to develop his own distinctive style and who now paints mostly in oils. His favourite artists are Picasso, Tom Roberts, Salvador Dali and Albert Manatjira. James has an impressive resume which includes an extensive list of group and solo exhibitions, commissions and publications. HIs work is found in many collections, both in Australia and overseas. 


Lorilee Yang


Lorilee Yang is an artist living and working in Naarm. Working primarily in the medium of painting, her work seeks to explore the nuances of a diasporic identity. She has participated in numerous exhibitions across so called Australia since graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2014. Recent shows include I Can Stand Tall in This Shallow Well, C3 Art Space, It is Easier to be ⼈, Mailbox Art Space, Itchy, Seventh Gallery and to arrive upside down, Fort Delta.


Lucy Zaroyko


Lucy Zaroyko formally trained in painting at the College of Fine Arts. Zaroyko is currently represented by Discordia Gallery Melbourne, she has exhibited across a range of galleries and experimental spaces in Australia including Liverpool St Gallery, Alaska Projects, Lon Gallery and Tributary Projects. She maintains a studio based practice in Sydney and runs an experimental self titled fashion label in dialogue with her painting processes.


Mark Mailler


Mark Mailler is an artist working on Gadigal land, offering an emotions based practice that sits between the ideas of utility and poetics. Excavating visual and cultural residue from on and offline platforms his work addresses personal and universal perspectives. on human behaviour, experience and ancestry.


Mashara Wachjudy


Mashara Wachjudy is an Australian-Javanese artist who works predominantly within photography, poetry, sculpture, food and installation. Her practice is informed by considerations and observations of memory, architecture, mythology, tradition and cross-cultural experience where unconventional archives emerge. Recent exhibitions include 'Always', commissioned by West Space, VIC for PHOTO 2021 International Festival of Photography; 'such structures might not be predeterminable' organised by Marian Tubbs at Byron School of Art; and ‘Bara’ with Woven Kolektif at Bankstown Arts Centre. Mashara presented her solo exhibition ‘I walked forward to the west’ at Bus Projects in 2017 and has exhibited extensively across New South Wales and Victoria in spaces including Firstdraft, Bus Projects, Casula Powerhouse, Bankstown Arts Centre, Byron School of Art, Seventh Gallery, Cement Fondu, Collingwood Arts Precinct, The Honeymoon Suite, West Space and Verge Gallery as well as internationally at Vermont Centre for Photography (Vermont, USA) and with Ela Projects (Athens, Greece) in Croatia. 


Mia Middleton


Mia Middleton is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice spans painting and installation. Drawing on symbol and myth, Mia’s work questions the boundaries between human and non-human, conscious and subconscious, physical and ephemeral. Her surrealist/figurative compositions infer a folkloric theatricality, spinning a web of ciphers that explore themes of interiority, power and potency. Mia's work has been exhibited at galleries nationally and abroad, including Ankles (Sydney), Hayden's (Melbourne), CICA Museum (Korea), Aici Acolo (Romania), Homesession (Barcelona) and ADAF (Athens). After completing two international art residencies in 2018, Mia was in residence with the Seoul Museum of Art until March 2020. 


Neil Beedie


Neil Beedie is an emerging artist making plays on the ‘immutable’ past. Moving between painting, writing and performance, he looks at the potential for the inchoate and fragmentary debris of history to revel in the imaginary and reveal alternatives. As an usher in a kind of theatre of reminiscence, Beedie convenes mediations between image and guise to (en)counter and court trysts between the speculative, the haunted, myth and the omitted. He has shown in Australia and New Zealand, most recently presenting his first solo exhibition Sheer Cameo at KNULP, Sydney, and has performed in club spaces, collaborative large-scale projects, video works and the (now defunct) band Porcelain. His forthcoming solo show Chimeras Flush will open June 2021 at Verge Gallery, Sydney.


Victoria Stolz

Victoria Stolz (born Perth 1997) is an Australian painter currently living and working in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Victoria received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2019, where she was a recipient of the Rosemary Ricker award and the Valerie Albiston painting scholarship. Her work has been included in numerous shows including “The Drawing Is Just Not There” at Westspace, 2018, “Nuages” at Frances Keevil Gallery, 2019, and “Artist’s Artists” at Caves, 2020; as well as being featured in Art+Australia magazine (issue 7). Victoria’s intimate painting practice presents windows into subtle psychological states, manifestations of worlds between asleep and awake.


Viola Nazario


Viola Nazario is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney working in the fields of painting, drawing and photography. Her work is confessional in nature and typically explores themes relating to the inversion of public and private. Currently, her practice centres on the exploration of the dreamscape and the representation of the inner world through repeating symbols, motifs and spaces. 


Yiorgo Yiannopoulos


Yiorgo Yiannopoulos is an artist living and working on Gadigal Land whose work is devoted to the systems through which people meet each other. Yiorgo's work speaks to the ways we negotiate our desires, revealing both the pragmatism and the meticulously choreographed seduction at play. Yiorgo is focused on spaces which allow for people to fulfill their desires and find intimacy in covert ways which often defy convention. Their research into queer sexual geography takes a multifaceted approach, contrasting empirical practices with deeply personal methodologies. Yiorgo has presented work in solo and group exhibitions locally and interstate at Artereal Gallery, Firstdraft, SEVENTH Gallery and Verge Gallery. Yiorgo is currently a director of Airspace Projects.